5th Global Economic Summit on "Enabling Food for All"

All India Association of Industries (AIAI) and World Trade Centre (WTC) Mumbai are jointly organizing the 5th edition of the Global Economic Summit on the theme "Enabling Food for All" scheduled from November 19-21, 2015 at the World Trade Centre Mumbai.

About the Event
19/11/2015 - 21/11/2015

The world is now witnessing a major shift in the way food is produced and distributed, there has been a growing need to liberalize agricultural trade and upgrade agricultural related technologies and innovations. This issue is vital since over 30% of the world active workforce is engaged in agricultural work. Yet one of the great flaws in current food systems is that despite significant progress in development and food production, the question of food security still lags far behind.

The Summit will attempt to address key issues and challenges faced by Agriculture, Food Processing and Allied Industries. It will examine and deliberate on the global trends in these industries and their implication on livelihood and sustainability world over. Important topics of discussion will include: 

  • Issues faced by the farmers
  • New trends in farming
  • Increasing productivity of land
  • Preventive techniques of food wastage
  • Optimal distribution of food
  • Impact of climate change on agriculture
  • Technological innovations in agriculture and food processing industries
  • Nutrition sensitive agriculture
  • Contract farming
  • Access to rural finance
  • Policies to attract youth towards agro/ farming
  • Trade in agriculture
  • Women in agriculture

Besides the Summit will facilitate a platform to India and participating countries to project their agricultural potentials.

Scientists, agronomists, farmers, financial institutions, SMEs policy–makers and agri-business practitioners from across the world will meet to discuss the challenges of sustainable agriculture, food security and emerging trends in food production, distribution and agri-business as well as explore trade and investment alliance skill development in this sector from India and over 30 participant countries.

The Summit will highlight the role of India as a key agricultural economy and explore ways and means of strengthening India’s linkages with the global food chain.

For more information  click here (Summit Flyer)