Linexpo Istanbul 2017 - Underware Fashion Trade Show, organized by WTC Istanbul

Textile industry came together in Istanbul at Linexpo, one of the most important fashion events in Turkey showcasing lingerie, nightgowns, morning gowns, pyjamas, hosiery, t-shirts, shorts, training suits, tights and sub-industry accessories and setting fashion.

Organized by World Trade Center Istanbul, this year's trade show featured fashions shows, exhibits and visual shows, bringing the sector in Istanbul Expo Center, Turkey's biggest fairgrounds. 

Linexpo celebrated its second edition this year, growing its success from its debut in 2016. The trade show quickly became recognized internationally, attracting more than 6.000 participants from over 60 countries, as well as numerous industry associations.

In the care of TIGSAD, the All Lingerie Industrialists Association of Turkey, the event proved to become the top trade show that covers the whole underwear sector. TIGSAD President Irfan Ozhamaratli has stated in an interview that Turkey is a big player in the underwear fashion industry, and the sector constantly invests in itself to strenghten its position even more.